Ayuna: Petit Collection Velo


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A sophisticated day cream that veils skin with luxurious velvet to treat and shield from exposome exposure. Formulated with agents that protect the skin from daily environmental aggressors (pollution, oxidation, dehydration, light, dryness and bacteria) to effectively guard the suprastratum, a little known superficial layer that plays a very important role in the appearance and health of the skin.

How To Use:

Use every morning. Activate the product and apply directly on clean skin.

If desired may also be applied over an oil, serum or cream.


Includes a high dose of minerals in its composition, infused with osmotic regulators Trehalose and Pentanethiol as well as powerful anti-oxidants such as tocopherols and Argan oil. It is also formulated with Marshmallow extract to form a film that prevents the adhesión of pollutant particles, as well as strengthening lipids that protect the skin from temperature fluctuations and probiotic products that prevent the proliferation of bacteria, which helps to reduce skin sensitivity.