spray tanning.

"What should I do before my spray tan to prepare for my appointment?"

Shower: showering can open up the pores, allowing for optimal coloring

Shave: shaving while tanned can make the tan fade at a quicker rate

Exfoliate: allows the tan to go on more evenly and consistently

Avoid: putting on both lotion and deodorant--both of these things have certain oils in them that can cause the tan to appear uneven or not settle correctly


"What should I do in order to make my spray tan last?"


-wait the correct amount of time before showing for the first time

-do not exfoliate or shave

-avoid harsh fabrics, soaps and makeup removers

-avoid swimming or submerging self in any body of water for an elongated period of time

"Oh no! I accidentally smeared my spray tan before it was dry! What do I do?"

Take a deep breath, it is all okay! Odds are, the tan will even out in the shower. If you are still at the studio, show your esthetician and they can help you fix the smear. Most of the time, smears will vanish once the surface of the tan has been rinsed.

"How long should I wait before showering with my spray tan?"

We recommend a minimum of 4 hours for our quick dry solution and 6-8 hours for all others. The longer you wait, the deeper the tan will be. No matter how long you wear the solution for, the tan will appear lighter once you shower.

"I have an event this weekend and I want to be tan for it! How many days in advance should I spray?"

How exciting! In order to allow time for your tan to set and the minimal "spray tan" smell that comes with all of our solutions to fade, we recommend booking your appointment 2-3 days prior to your event. Make sure to follow all instructions about showering for optimal results!