lash extensions.

"What exactly are lash extensions?"

Lash extensions are individual lashes or clumped lashes glued onto the natural eyelashes while the eyelids are closed.


"What is the upkeep for lash extensions?"

Lash extensions are a high-maintenance beauty treatment, but that does not mean the upkeep is challenging. While extensions are present, curling the lashes or wearing mascara that has not been recommended by your esthetician will shorten the lifespan of the extensions. The lashes should not get wet for at least 48 hours after being put on.

"If I get lash extensions and decide the result is not for me, what do I do in order to safely remove the extra lashes?"

Please call the studio and schedule a removal appointment. Cutting the lashes yourself or trying to remove them by hand puts you and your natural lashes at risk.

"How often should I get my lashes refilled?"

Lashes need to be refilled every 2-3 weeks in order to remain in the best condition possible. Aura offers both two and three week refills at varying prices. If you choose to wait more than three weeks to get your lashes refilled, a partial set will need to be put on, which takes a longer period of time and is slightly more costly than the refills.

lash lift.

"What exactly is a lash lift?"

A lash lift is a perm of the natural lash that is safe and effective if done by a professional.

"What is the upkeep for my lash lift?"

Try not to touch or rub your lashes as much as possible. If you are going to wear mascara, make sure to remove the makeup gently at the end of the day using an oil free remover, not a wipe. Keep the lashes out of water (this includes showering) or humidity for at least 24 hours after the procedure has been completed.

"What side effects may occur from this procedure?"

Though they are not common, the following risks could occur as a result of a lash lift: eye irritation, eye twitching, discomfort, blurriness or, in even more rare cases, infection

"How often should I get my lashes relifted?"

The lift should last anywhere from 6-8 weeks, depending on dedication to upkeep and your lashes. This varies person to person. We recommend booking your next appointment 2-3 weeks out from when you start to notice the perm decreasing.