Accentuate femininity with our lash extensions, lifts, & tints. Lash extensions enhance the length, thickness and fullness of your natural lashes—with variation depending on the set you choose. Each is guaranteed, with the right care, to make you look and feel like the beautiful woman you already are.


classic lash full set.

Classic lashes are recommended for clients who want to add some length to what they naturally were given. This process is done via the gluing of lash extensions to each of your individual natural lashes for enhancement and optimal, quality results.

Time: 90 minutes

Price: $175



volume/hybrid lash full set.

The volume lash set will give you a more dramatic look without the hassle! Volume lashes are a revolutionary lashing technique where 2-5 super fine extensions are applied to one single natural lash, safely creating a soft and full look that make your eyes POP! Recommended for clients with thinning, short, or sparse natural lashes, the volume set will be all you need to walk out the door in the morning with confidence and a whole lot of ease.

Price: $275

Time: 2 hrs

For clients looking for an in-between look that is fuller than our classic set, but still less dramatic than the volume set, our hybrid lash set combines both types of lash extensions to provide you with a set that is voluminous, yet easygoing.

Price: $225

Time: 2 hrs

partial lash set.

For clients who wait too long to get a fill or simply are running on hectic schedules. Requires more effort and more lashes than a regular fill, but not quite as much as an entirely new set. Ideal for clients who have half, or more than half, of their lash set missing—or for clients simply looking to build some volume to lashes that are already long.

Time: 90 minutes

Price: $95



lash fill.

We recommend getting a lash fill every two-three weeks after getting a full set in order to maintain your lash extensions.  

Our two-week regular fills start from $60 in price depending on the artist and lash extension type (Classic, Volume, or Hybrid).  

A mini-fill, usually a one-week fill, starts from $35. If it has been beyond two and a half weeks since your last lash fill, a large fill is typically necessary, starting from $75. If less than 50% of your lash extensions remain, a partial set might be required, starting from $95. 


lash lift.

If the eyelash curler just doesn’t quite cut it for you, say hello to lash lifts. This technique raises the lash from the root to give it that just curled look, creating the illusion of longer, thicker lashes.

Time: 45 minutes

Price: $75



lash tint.

Using a semi-permanent hair dye developed specifically for use on the eyelashes, this treatment produces a similar effect to mascara by visibly darkening and thickening the appearance of eyelashes.

Time: 15 minutes

Price: $20