"How do I know which facial is right for my skin?"

We recommend getting a basic facial for your first time and then let our experienced estheticians guide you on what you should do from there. Once they get to know you and your skin, they will be able to suggest or build a facial to optimally fit your needs.


"What are the benefits of having a facial?"

Facials relax the facial muscles while toning them, which release tensity and wrinkles. They brighten the complexion through the stimulation of blood flow and increase in circulation. Internally, facials relax the body and allow the individual to sooth and disconnect from their surroundings.


"How much time should I set out of my day for a facial?"

All of our facials have time lengths provided online. We recommend adding at least 30 min onto whatever time is provided to allow for paperwork to be filled out and all questions to be answered appropriately.