a different kind of romance



Let’s talk about love. Not the I-wrote-you-365-letters kind of love (grab a copy of The Notebook) or even of the kama sutra variety (Cosmopolitan has got you covered). This Valentine’s Day we’re here to talk about self-love.


Don’t get us wrong: We wouldn’t turn our noses up at a Ryan Gosling rom-com on a Friday night. In fact, we’ll be the girls with three tissue boxes in our laps, shoveling four pints Ben & Jerry’s into our mouths. We take unrealistic expectations very seriously. Something we try to take more seriously though: making sure we treat our own selves with the same amount of love, respect, and generosity we would expect from “prince charming.”

Let’s face it: we’re single, we’re engaged, we’re divorced, we’re in love with our best friend’s brother, etc. None of that really matters if we’re not in love with ourselves. 

Every year Valentine’s Day comes around to nag us a little. Those of us in a relationship are stifling under the pressure and expectations of a romantic night out; those of us who are single are rewatching Dirty Dancing for the 8th time, probably not having The Time of Our Lives.

Most of us have been told over and over again, through films, books, and persistent grandparents, that the fulfillment we’re looking for is going to be found in some long-awaited soulmate. Certainly loving another person is rewarding and wonderful—and sometimes frustrating—but it’s probably a mistake to think that the key to unlocking personal happiness is found in another human being. 


To complicate things further, when we’re not stressing about romance, we’re rushing around at the office, we’re chauffeuring the neighbor’s kids to school, we’re cramming for that exam we knew about three weeks ago, we’re worrying about the size of our rear ends and whether or not it’s time to Finally Give Up Gluten. We forget to take care of ourselves! Regardless of our relationship statuses, we will always first have to hang around with ourselves first. Cultivating a lifelong, healthy relationship with yourself should be at the top of your priority list. When everything else falls away it’s just you.

Here at Aura, we’re big fans of treating ourselves through personal daily rituals. One of our favorite ways of taking time for ourselves every day is using jade rollers. In addition to simply feeling fabulous, this facial massager tool has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. What it does:

• improves blood circulation, skin elasticity, and radiance

• reduces skin puffiness and inflammation

• promotes lymphatic drainage

• relieves facial and jaw tension

For an extra cooling effect, we love popping the roller in the freezer for a few hours. Simply apply your favorite serum, masque, or moisturizer and start rolling for at least two minutes.


Speaking of masques, serums, and moisturizers....We adore the Sweet Red Rose line from Eminence̶not just for Valentine’s day, but all year long too. Formulated with lemon juice and sweet red rose petals, the Sweet Red Rose Whip Moisturizer hydrates and revitalizes skin appearance from ageing and irritation. (AND: Eminence donates $5 from each purchase to the Brest Cancer foundation.)

Meanwhile a spray of the Sweet Red Rose Tonique soothes dry, sensitive skin. Rose petals, lemon, and hibiscus flower bring balance back to dehydrated skin.



Finally the Sweet Red Rose Cleanser--made with light cleansing milk, rose oil, and lemon juice--gently cleans and hydrates normal-to-combination & sensitive skin while minimizing the appearance of pore size and reducing irritation.


Taking time out of the hectic day to take care of your skin (the largest organ of the body!) with a beauty ritual is one of the easiest ways you can show yourself some TLC. 

And if watching Dirty Dancing three times in a row is also an act of self love, go for it! But don’t settle for sitting in the dark of your living room. Go all the way: prop that laptop up on a stool and lounge in the bath with a face masque. Paint your toes while Nicholas Sparks makes you bawl your mascara off for the millionth time. Silence your phone and lie outside under the sun (using spf!). Book a facial with your best friend, or a mani-pedi with your momma.

Let loving yourself be your greatest romance. Who needs Patrick Swayze anyway?

Happy Valentine’s day.


The Aura Team

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Kayla Ciardi